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I.T.-ON-DEMAND.NET provides consulting services for network design, data security, systems implementation, software and hardware selection, and systems management. We have certified engineers and technicians with expertise in all areas of information technology.


I.T.-ON-DEMAND.NET provides off-site back-up to protect your files from loss due to fire, theft, power failure or computer failure. We keep your data safe by storing your work nightly. Data retrieval is easy.


You don't have call us, we'll call you!

Your business can’t afford to wait for a disaster to happen and then react to it. You need to know that everything possible is being done to make sure you don’t go down in the first place. Our program does just that – everything possible. We start by getting to know you and your business. We meet with you regularly to discuss how your environment is doing and how technology can help your business become more profitable and easier to manage.

And we don’t send out an entry-level technician or a salesman. Our most experienced engineers attend every meeting personally. As a Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) for your business, we give you answers in layman’s terms – and relate the infrastructure to your business objectives.

But we don’t stop there. Our 24/7/365 remote network, systems, and application monitoring watches over your network, letting us know about problems before they affect you. Wouldn’t you rather hear about your email being down from us (after we’ve started fixing it) than from your boss – or your customers?

Add to that scheduled preventative maintenance, and exclusive access to analysis and capacity planning meetings, and you’ve got wall-to-wall coverage. Won’t it be nice to know someone’s there for you before data is at risk?

Why Managed Services?

Comprehensive management and security services enable our customers to outsource critical information technology functions and simplify the management of their I.T. infrastructure. Comprehensive management and security services can reduce the administrative overhead for you while providing an up-to-date, stable, secure infrastructure to run their day-to-day operations.

Small and medium-sized organizations typically want to work closely with I.T. service partners to establish customized I.T. support strategies. They are seeking trustworthy service providers to support their critical I.T. systems, with the knowledge that those providers will have access to their confidential data. Managed services, security, and associated support offerings expand your ability to address customer needs and fill a gap left by traditional consulting companies.

I.T.-ON-DEMAND.NET managed services covers the following key areas:

  • Faults (failures)I.T.-ON-DEMAND.NET continually monitors the client network, system and application environment, providing alerts that enable rapid identification of problems based on customer-defined threshold limits. All critical alerts can result in immediate customer notification through paging and\or email. In most cases, I.T.-on-Demand.net will process the alert and remotely resolve the problem without the client being aware there was ever an issue.
  • Asset Management – Infrastructure asset reporting keeps a detailed inventory of hardware and software on devices by IP address, node name and software image for capacity planning, maintenance and regulatory documentation purposes.
  • Performance – Monitors networks, systems and applications, providing hourly, daily and weekly reports on key IT metrics, such as CPU, memory and disk. This enables rapid identification of potential problems (i.e., over-subscription) before they impact IT service.
  • Security – Focuses on internal security for predominantly Windows environments including four critical components that could affect business operations: Firewall monitoring (real time alerts on attacks or intrusions; consolidated log reports); Intrusion monitoring; “who did what to whom” data summaries provide the basis for audit trails; real time vulnerability scanning for more than 2000 different vulnerabilities and nine reports ideal for compliance, including “open ports” and “discovered Windows users and services”, among others; patch management – scan for missing patches and deploy updates to one or multiple Windows devices, per customer or per device.

Service Benefits

  • Cost-saving proactive maintenance
  • Enhance staff productivity
  • Predictable costs
  • Predictable operations, reduced business interruption
  • Proactive, Fully Managed I.T. Solution - I.T.-ON-DEMAND.NET Managed Services combines fault, asset, performance, security, and support in one complete package. This valuable service enables I.T.-ON-DEMAND.NET engineers and consultants to prevent problems before they affect the business, and resolve problems quickly (in most cases) without the client ever recognizing service degradation.
  • Scalable Support Program - I.T.-ON-DEMAND.NET Managed Services is a flexible and scalable program that is tailored to fit the customer’s size and needs. As the customer’s business needs change, the I.T.-ON-DEMAND.NET Managed Services program can be adjusted to accommodate those changes.
  • Advanced Monitoring Technology
  • Provides 24x7 oversight of the customer’s I.T. infrastructure
  • Identifies, tracks, and instantly alerts I.T. staff to sluggish or failed Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 application, services and processes
  • Automatically detects and monitors applications installed on selected servers
  • Flexibility allows you to monitor only the devices that are critical to your business, helping to contain costs
  • Provides a single view of the infrastructure across networks, systems and applications


• Application Deployment (Customizable)
• Upgrade Planning and Management
• PC Configuration and Maintenance
• Spyware Removal and Management
• Backup and Disaster Recovery
• Purchasing Recommendations
• And many other tasks specific to your
  network configuration

• Virus Protection Management
• Network Documentation
• Application Additions
• Log Monitoring
• Remote Management
• End User Support
• Preventive Server Maintenance
• Security Patch Management
• Backup Management
• Hotfix / Service Pack Management
• ISP Connection Support
• Service Monitoring and Notification
• General Server and User Administration

For more information please e-mail us at info@it-on-demand.net or call (541) 323-3571
477 NE Greenwood Avenue, Suite C, Bend, OR 97701

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